Viral Video: Can A Chicken Sell You A Mercedes Benz?

To promote their brand new “Magic Body Roll” suspension technology, Mercedes Benz commissioned this odd, yet entertaining commercial featuring… chickens?!

That’s right, this feathery creature was used in a very clever way where it’s head was kept perfectly still even when it’s body was moved around. This motion suggests that the new Mercedes S-Class (equipped with Magic Body Roll) keeps the car perfectly stable over any types of potholes and bumps.

What a cool video!

The video has gone viral with over 4.7 million views and counting.

Great job Mercedes.



  1. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    OMG, I had to reblog this. I don’t think it’s chicken abuse. The girls are clucking like crazy. They are all dancing and humming to themselves. They loved it. Sweet pretty chickens. All shiny and beautiful. chirp

  2. Thanks – we love it too. Chickens are so cute aren’t they?

  3. It’s the thought of getting around in a Mercedes that gets them hot. Do chickens get hot? anyway they enjoyed themselves. 🙂

  4. Rodney Tham says:

    Very, very cool. If they can cross a road they can do anything 🙂

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