Viral Video: Can A Chicken Sell You A Mercedes Benz?

To promote their brand new “Magic Body Roll” suspension technology, Mercedes Benz commissioned this odd, yet entertaining commercial featuring… chickens?! That’s right, this feathery creature was used in a very clever way where it’s head was kept perfectly still even when it’s body was moved around. This motion suggests that the new Mercedes S-Class (equipped […]

Viral Video: Red Bull Kick It 2013

OK so in our continued quest to bring you cool videos that have gone viral, this one was masterminded by the clever cookies at Red Bull (again). If there’s ever an example of a corporate brand creating mind-blowing video content that is well, ‘on brand’ – its Red Bull. Red Bull, the sponsors of all […]

Living 360° – Laugh More To Live Longer

If you are feeling down, there are a million different things that you can do to make yourself feel better –  and we are not going to get into that here. What we will focus on however is the best thing you can do… and that our friends is to LAUGH. Laugh your pants off! […]

Living 360° – Strong Words!

We all know that words can hurt, words can heal and words can certainly make us cry. This post is nothing too heavy but rather we just wanted to share with you a carefully curated collection of some of our favorite words. Strong words. Hope they touch you in some way. Enjoy x

This is how silly you sound when you use ‘#Hashtags’

Do you remember when the hash button on the telephone was the loneliest button of them all? Most people didn’t even know where it was – let alone it’s purpose. For years the dreaded hashtag or pound sign was just a useless concept… until it’s all-powerful rebirth recently into the world of social media. Now, […]

Superfoods Of The World

We live in a world of choices – that’s a fact! When it comes to the world of diet and healthy eating, that world just got a lot bigger. We are bombarded with so much information about what is good for us and what isn’t. What certain foods can do to help us feel better, […]

Taber’s Health Tip: Core Training!!

Core Training! Core work should be trained often as you can as it’s the foundation for everything in your exercise program. The stronger your core the stronger you’ll be everywhere. After your dynamic stretching, do core work/abs prior to the rest of your program so you can give it 100% and not at the end […]

Living 360° Exclusive Interview With Seb Fontaine – Legendary DJ & Producer

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard of legendary DJ and producer Seb Fontaine. Labelled as a ‘pure genius behind the decks’ by some, Seb has captured the hearts and minds of party goers all over this planet. He loves spinning in Singapore and the feeling is mutual as people […]

Animals Showing Humans How To Love: Awesome PDA!

The great Mahatma Gandhi was once quoted saying “Where there is love, there is life” .. and this is no more evident than the animal kingdom. For your viewing pleasure, we thought we would curate a selection of our favorite furry friends engaging in some PDA (public display of affection) for the world to see. […]

Students Flip The Switch On Sexism With Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard Robin Thicke’s chart topper ‘blurred lines’ at some stage over the last month. The controversial super hit has caused quite a stir among feminine circles globally and been labelled as utterly sexist! That said, a group of clever kiwi students from Auckland have […]