Living 360° – Laugh More To Live Longer

If you are feeling down, there are a million different things that you can do to make yourself feel better –  and we are not going to get into that here. What we will focus on however is the best thing you can do… and that our friends is to LAUGH. Laugh your pants off! […]

Living 360° – Strong Words!

We all know that words can hurt, words can heal and words can certainly make us cry. This post is nothing too heavy but rather we just wanted to share with you a carefully curated collection of some of our favorite words. Strong words. Hope they touch you in some way. Enjoy x

This is how silly you sound when you use ‘#Hashtags’

Do you remember when the hash button on the telephone was the loneliest button of them all? Most people didn’t even know where it was – let alone it’s purpose. For years the dreaded hashtag or pound sign was just a useless concept… until it’s all-powerful rebirth recently into the world of social media. Now, […]

Students Flip The Switch On Sexism With Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard Robin Thicke’s chart topper ‘blurred lines’ at some stage over the last month. The controversial super hit has caused quite a stir among feminine circles globally and been labelled as utterly sexist! That said, a group of clever kiwi students from Auckland have […]

The Happiest Countries In The World

  Ever wondered why people from one country always seem happier than another country? Are Italians generally happier than the Thais? Are the Germans really that miserable but secretly extremely happy? Well, now the truth can be revealed..   The United Nations annual report is a large scale survey that focuses on the state of […]

Lenny Kravtiz Jams With Street Choir – AWESOME!!

Once a musician reaches super stardom it’s very rare that you see them interact with the public on a whim. That is unless you are the world’s coolest rocker Lenny Kravitz. See what happens when Lenny was minding his own business having a drink in New Orleans and over hears “The Voice of Praise Choir” […]

Can Somebody Please Shut That Kid Up!!

    Every flown on a flight when you find yourself surrounded by screaming kids? Parents who just don’t seem to care that their children’s wild and reckless behaviour is causing discomfort for the other passengers? I’m sure you have experienced that at some stage.. we all have. Well now, you can choose to fly […]

The One Thing Super Successful People Do Every Morning

Every successful person will tell you what their secret is.. be in a special diet or a particular outlook in life. But one common trait shared by everybody uber successful is ‘getting out of bed early’. That’s right, it’s all about shaking off the sleep and jumping out of bed. This awesome article looks at […]

A Visual Tribute To The World’s Most Livable City: Melbourne

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey, the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia has claimed the No.1 spot again for the third time in a row as the most livable city in the world. The survey looked at 140 global cities and factor in everything from health care, education and infrastructure and the garden state’s […]

The Fragrances Of 2013

For those who love smelling fresh rafts of new scents, this piece is 100% for you! Fill up the bowl with some fresh Columbian coffee beans and let us take you on this awesome nose-tingling journey of scents that have made a splash this year. Fresh from the halls of Florence’s Pitti Fragranze perfume fair, enjoy the best smells […]