Superfoods Of The World

We live in a world of choices – that’s a fact! When it comes to the world of diet and healthy eating, that world just got a lot bigger. We are bombarded with so much information about what is good for us and what isn’t. What certain foods can do to help us feel better, […]

Michelle Obama Wants You To Drink More Water

Drink up!!! The First Lady wants you to drink more water. A recent CDC study “indicates that many people either choose less healthy beverages to satisfy their thirst or drink little water daily” and Michelle Obama doesn’t like it. The very healthy first lady recently launched a ‘healthy living’ initiative where the White House is […]

50 Awesome Things to Grill in Foil

OK so for those of you who know us personally, will know that we are MASSIVE foodies. We love all kinds of food and more importantly we love cooking great food, watching awesome cooking shows and experiencing yummy restaurants in culinary capitals all over the world. So when we came across this article, we were […]

Kale Competitors: How Do Other Greens Stack Up

  If you speak to any fitness fanatic out there today, there’s a good chance they will bang-on about how wonderful Kale is for you. People talk about Kale like it’s the miracle cure for everything.. Tired? kale Wanna lose weight? kale Wanna win the lottery? kale (you get the picture). If […]

The World’s Top 10 Best Homemade Ice Lollies

What a yummy blog piece – we simply had to share!

Can anybody recommend a yummy restaurant?

My family and I live in Robertson Quay where we are literally surrounded by over 130 restaurants, cafes and bars within a 1.5 km radius. We love dining out and are always looking to discover new places around our neighbourhood. So seeing that we are surrounded by some of the best dining choices in Singapore, […]

Singapore’s Kitchen Superstar!!!

For all the foodies out there who love watching fantastic cooking shows like I do… I hope you got a chance to catch the amazing extravaganza that recently unfolded on screens all over Asia. The stars were shining but not as bright as Nico Chan’s – Singaporean contestant of The Big Break. Resorts WorldTM Sentosa (RWS) offered […]

My dirty little ‘health’ secrets!

We all know that exercising right goes hand in hand with eating right. But did you know that there are foods which can actually enhance your workout? I often get asked by you all about what types of food I eat to to optimize my workouts so I decide to dedicate a piece specifically on […]

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

As we stumble into one of my favorite celebrations – Halloween, stores all over the world are lined with Jack O’ Lanterns and the humble pumpkin is now ubiquitous. As potential revellers plan their costumes and sharpen their pumpkin carving skills, we re-discover the much overlooked health benefits of this widely available vegetable. So what’s […]