Living 360° – Laugh More To Live Longer

If you are feeling down, there are a million different things that you can do to make yourself feel better –  and we are not going to get into that here. What we will focus on however is the best thing you can do… and that our friends is to LAUGH. Laugh your pants off! […]

Superfoods Of The World

We live in a world of choices – that’s a fact! When it comes to the world of diet and healthy eating, that world just got a lot bigger. We are bombarded with so much information about what is good for us and what isn’t. What certain foods can do to help us feel better, […]

Taber’s Health Tip: Core Training!!

Core Training! Core work should be trained often as you can as it’s the foundation for everything in your exercise program. The stronger your core the stronger you’ll be everywhere. After your dynamic stretching, do core work/abs prior to the rest of your program so you can give it 100% and not at the end […]

Michelle Obama Wants You To Drink More Water

Drink up!!! The First Lady wants you to drink more water. A recent CDC study “indicates that many people either choose less healthy beverages to satisfy their thirst or drink little water daily” and Michelle Obama doesn’t like it. The very healthy first lady recently launched a ‘healthy living’ initiative where the White House is […]

Taber’s Health Tip: Eat Your Breakfast!!

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. If your not getting up and having a cup of black coffee and getting some cardiovascular training in then you should make sure your getting a proper breakfast.  I prefer some organic gluten free oatmeal with some real blueberries or strawberries or banana for some sweetness. You […]

8 Home Remedies That Actually Work

  Next time you have a splitting headache, forget seeing the doctor or popping any pills, all you need to do is bite a pencil. That’s right – we have all heard the old wives tales passed down from one generation to the next and some work and others … well, don’t. Here are 8 […]

Taber’s Health Tip: Burn Baby Burn

Good morning Living 360° It’s time to crunch & burn to get the weekend off to a good start. Follow the instructions below for the powerful HIIT workout to switch things up a little. It’s a great combination for strength building and cardio. If you don’t have the time for a long workout then this is […]

Let’s Go Jogging in the Swiss Alps.. Virtually!

Tired on the mundane treadmill and want to be transported to the Swiss Alps at a click of the finger? How about a jog down the Californian coastline? Better still, down the streets of France? Well now you can, with a super cool app called BitGym. We made a promise to bring you stuff that […]

Kale Competitors: How Do Other Greens Stack Up

  If you speak to any fitness fanatic out there today, there’s a good chance they will bang-on about how wonderful Kale is for you. People talk about Kale like it’s the miracle cure for everything.. Tired? kale Wanna lose weight? kale Wanna win the lottery? kale (you get the picture). If […]

What New Yorkers Can Teach The Rest Of America About Living Well

We have a deep rooted love affair with New York City. The fast lives, the electric & eclectic blended into one and most of all, the magnetic field this ‘centre of the universe’ has on the rest of the planet & her beings. People come to NYC with big dreams and some make it and […]