Living 360° Exclusive Interview With Seb Fontaine – Legendary DJ & Producer

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard of legendary DJ and producer Seb Fontaine. Labelled as a ‘pure genius behind the decks’ by some, Seb has captured the hearts and minds of party goers all over this planet. He loves spinning in Singapore and the feeling is mutual as people […]

Michelle Obama Wants You To Drink More Water

Drink up!!! The First Lady wants you to drink more water. A recent CDC study “indicates that many people either choose less healthy beverages to satisfy their thirst or drink little water daily” and Michelle Obama doesn’t like it. The very healthy first lady recently launched a ‘healthy living’ initiative where the White House is […]

Prada’s Obsession With Ugliness

Miuccia Prada has a net worth of US $12.4 billion and comes in at #58 in Forbes Power Women List. After taking over the family business in 1978, Prada, 64, ran the brand with her husband Patrizio Bertelli, and jointly built up its commercial success to create a fashion power-house. The design inspiration for all […]

Frozen Moments

I love photography. Regardless of the subject – pictures that capture quintessence and substance tend to leave lasting impressions on me. Always. Over the last 15 years of my career as a professional model living everywhere from New York to Paris to Milan to Tokyo – I have come across many photographers and their amazing […]

Singapore’s Kitchen Superstar!!!

For all the foodies out there who love watching fantastic cooking shows like I do… I hope you got a chance to catch the amazing extravaganza that recently unfolded on screens all over Asia. The stars were shining but not as bright as Nico Chan’s – Singaporean contestant of The Big Break. Resorts WorldTM Sentosa (RWS) offered […]

The Happiness Journal – Item # 1

OK so here’s the very first ‘inaugural’ item in a series of very cool things I’m going to include in my ‘Happiness Journal’.. This amazing product is suited towards the travelling gypsies out there. Let’s face it, in this day-n-age, all we do is travel. From cars to planes to hotel rooms & villas. The […]

Welcome, welcome, welcome 2013

Welcome, welcome, welcome 2013. What a start to the year it’s been, with fabulous events, visits from friends & family and a wedding (mine) being planned – and we are only just past the half way mark in January!! I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a big year for so many […]

In need of a Saint?

It all began when my good friend Kellee Cruse went on a personal adventure through Mexico. Being both wild-spirited and passionate in equal doses, Kellee discovered something very interesting on this trip. She discovered self inspiration to create the famous jewellery line Santós Wish. Kellee explains that the inspiration behind Santós Wish  is the spirit […]

My dirty little ‘health’ secrets!

We all know that exercising right goes hand in hand with eating right. But did you know that there are foods which can actually enhance your workout? I often get asked by you all about what types of food I eat to to optimize my workouts so I decide to dedicate a piece specifically on […]


For those of you who live in Singapore or spend a lot time here, this person needs no real introduction. Robbie Hoyes-Cock is without doubt one of the most networked men in town (if not the region). His F1 parties are world famous and luxury brands throughout the region consider him as an extension to […]