Give Time The Finger!

OK, you are probably thinking to yourself – we can see the time on our phones, our laptops, on our car dashboards and everywhere else these days. The last thing we need is for our jewellery to start telling the time – right? Wrong – Let’s step into tomorrow. Please feast your eyes on the ultra-cool […]

14 Naughty Things You’re Doing On The Internet

  Let’s face it tech-heads, we have all done something illegal on the internet before. Be it downloading that new Coldplay album or the latest episodes of Breaking Bad.  It could be as harmless (in your mind) as jumping on somebody else’s WiFi or re-using somebody else’s image without prior consent. Even though it doesn’t […]

Let’s Go Jogging in the Swiss Alps.. Virtually!

Tired on the mundane treadmill and want to be transported to the Swiss Alps at a click of the finger? How about a jog down the Californian coastline? Better still, down the streets of France? Well now you can, with a super cool app called BitGym. We made a promise to bring you stuff that […]

Can anybody recommend a yummy restaurant?

My family and I live in Robertson Quay where we are literally surrounded by over 130 restaurants, cafes and bars within a 1.5 km radius. We love dining out and are always looking to discover new places around our neighbourhood. So seeing that we are surrounded by some of the best dining choices in Singapore, […]

Social Media success is like growing a plant!

For those of you who know me well, know that since I was a baby, I have spent all my time online. OK, well that’s not true but now that I have your attention.. What exactly am I doing online all the time you might ask? Shopping? Stalking? Poking? Truth be told, I’m actually busy […]