The Happiest Countries In The World

  Ever wondered why people from one country always seem happier than another country? Are Italians generally happier than the Thais? Are the Germans really that miserable but secretly extremely happy? Well, now the truth can be revealed..   The United Nations annual report is a large scale survey that focuses on the state of […]

Forget Camping – Let’s Go Glamping!

OK so there are people out there who love the great outdoors and are keen campers. Nothing but a back pack, a tent and some fire wood to get things going. Being one with nature, toasting some marsh mellows and singing Kumbaya! Then there’s the Living 360° crew… As much as we love the concept of […]

A Visual Tribute To The World’s Most Livable City: Melbourne

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey, the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia has claimed the No.1 spot again for the third time in a row as the most livable city in the world. The survey looked at 140 global cities and factor in everything from health care, education and infrastructure and the garden state’s […]

Villa Review: Baan Mika, Koh Samui, Thailand

In July this year, my family and I were invited to experience the awe-inspiring and ultimate VIP Thai villa experience in the friendly island of Koh Samui. Located close to the mainland town of Surat Thani, Samui (as it’s referred to by locals) is Thailand’s third largest island and attracts more than 1.5 million tourists […]

World’s Best Private Island Resorts: Living 360°

Everybody knows that ‘where you stay’ makes all the difference when planning a holiday. We would go as far as saying it’s probably more important than the destination itself. Unless the destination is your own private island situated somewhere hauntingly exotic. Living 360° has put together a delectable medley of the world’s most astonishingly beautiful private […]

Top 10 Asian Golf Courses – Living 360° style!

This next piece has been a passion project of mine as of late – for a couple of main reasons. Firstly, since my fiancé joined the region’s largest sports marketing firm and all he has been talking about, watching and reading about is golf, golf and more golf. The Golf Channel is on the box […]

Places To Visit Before You Die

For those of us who are world travellers and are looking for inspiration while planning the next adventure, this is especially dedicated to you. For those who simply need some eye candy so we can close our eyes and be transported to that special place, this dedication extends to you too. Sit back and enjoy […]

My road to Amritsar..

I have been to India a few times prior to my recent trip to the holy city of Amritsar, so had a preconceived notion on what to expect. The noise, the over populated mass hysteria and most of all the color and vibrancy a place like Incredible India offers. I was right on all the points when […]

Technology Changing Lives: Beyond Smartphones

Today’s piece is written by guest blogger David Kavanagh who is a philanthropist, expert in community development, good friend and an all-round fantastic human being.. Enjoy the piece! Amanda x — Next time you pick up your new iPhone 5 to Whatsapp your buddy or Shazam that cool track you just heard playing on the […]